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As you may know there are various difficulties for people from overseas to live and work in Tokyo. Primarily, to secure legal visa status along with employment and housing are the most familiar and immediate challenges. We offer complete support service in these critical areas providing our global customers with a certain peace of mind.

Visa Specialist: We have deep experience with the Japan visa application process for working visa, family stay visa, management visa and permanent residency. We make every effort for clients, our office is beside Shinagawa station, conveniently near Tokyo Immigration Bureau, to ensure the required documents flow will be handled in a timely manner.

Real Estate: We have contracts with 1,000 property owners in Tokyo, representing over 5,000 rental spaces, so it is always possible to access a wide range of attractive living options.

Personnel Search: We have access to many Japanese clients who are always looking for staff. We can assist with company introductions on behalf of suitable candidates, no fees required, please contact us for details.

We can effectively serve as your important, trusted, partner to live and work in Japan.

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