Navigate The Complex Japanese Immigration Process

Work in Japan Visa

There are many options to acquire a working visa in Japan with categories ranging from high skill areas in advanced technology, advanced education and corporate management transfers, to academic studies and international work experience for humanities, such as healthcare, religion and entertainment.

To apply for a Japanese work visa it is necessary to prepare all of the required documents, including employment contracts for example. Understanding the specific conditions and the expected contents of materials submitted is critical to receive approval, if possible, in a timely manner. In our experience following only the general descriptions listed on the immigration website may not be sufficient.

We will assist with the entire process to ensure in advance you comply with various visa requirements. Our visa application fee is 110,000 yen, with renewal fees at half that rate, which includes re-application in the event of initial non-approval when re-applications are possible.

We also offer employment introduction services, at no cost for job seekers, to Japanese companies recruiting foreign workers. Please contact us for more details.

Business Visa

We will fully support those who wish to open company in Japan through the process to acquire management visa, the setup of business entity does not automatically guarantee resident status. This category requires more detailed materials to obtain approval and it’s strongly suggested to retain an experienced agent, our fee is 170,000 yen.

Beyond assisting with the application, we are also able to provide related services; from setting up the legal company to selection of office space and consulting on market entry plans. We have a strong domestic business network to enable introductions, and potential investment funds. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Family Visa

If you would like to bring your spouse or child from overseas, or if you want to get married in Japan and live together here, please contact us. We can address all of the issues, in an easy to understand manner, including questions related to income expectations and proof materials required. Our fee for application is 110,000 yen.

Spouse Visa

If you plan to be married with a Japanese person, or foreigner who has permanent residency, we are happy to assist. Note that Embassies and other providers of required certifications are also supported. If you will divorce, we are ready to consult on the necessary procedures to change from spouse visa status. Our fee for application is 110,000 yen.

Permanent Resident

We actively support people who wish to acquire permanent residency in Japan and those who want to become naturalized citizens of Japan. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss requirements, initial consultation is free, the application fee is from 170,000 yen..